Author Spotlight: E. L. Haines

Greetings fellow readers! It’s time for our weekly author spotlight.

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing E.L. Haines, who lives in Egypt. If the majestic and mysterious land of pyramids, hieroglyphics, and sand dunes is not enough inspiration to write fascinating stories, I don’t know what is! E. L. Haines has also been exploring the Middle East and Mediterranean regions for the past eight years, which has further added to his imaginative portfolio. After his fantasy roleplaying group broke up in 2018, he began channeling his creativity into writing. “I was practically exploding with unrealized characters, environments, and adventures, and finally had to start putting these ideas down on paper,” he told me during our interview.

His novels were inspired by his character, Sparrow. “He’s a con artist, and he resolves nearly all of his conflicts with clever bluffs, or unbelievable facts,” Haines revealed. “Although he started as a fantasy character, he travels (somewhat mysteriously) into other genres, such as historical mysteries, westerns, and contemporary thrillers.” Although the idea of an itinerant protagonist is not new, as “heroes without a home” are quite popular, Sparrow is unique because he doesn’t simply travel to new locations in each book, he also travels through time. His recently-published book, Carried Away, is an exciting pandemic thriller and parody of the 2020 COVID-19 epidemic.

Every reader subconsciously wants to find an author who constantly reads and has travelled to exotic places, as such an author can dependably produce fascinating and engrossing stories. Coincidentally, those are E. L. Haines’ two hobbies. Aside from reading and traveling, Haines is also currently writing his first fantasy novel, which he expects will turn into a trilogy or a series.

~Advice from an Author~

“I wish I could give advice about how to market your books, because no matter how great an author you might be, you’ll never make it big without the right book marketing strategy. But if you want to be a great author, I recommend that you read. Personally, I read three times as much as I write. I read established fiction, to learn how to improve; I read indie fiction, to learn from others’ mistakes; and I read non-fiction, to make my books more believable and immersive.”

-E. L. Haines, author of Carried Away

I hope everyone enjoyed this author spotlight, and will check out E. L. Haines on Facebook, Amazon, and Instagram. Have any new authors you want to be featured on my author spotlight, or have you recently published a novel? Comment below!

Written by Larema Dixon, author of Snowborn

One thought on “Author Spotlight: E. L. Haines

  1. Thanks for this interview! I hope everyone enjoys ‘Carried Away,’ and gets a good laugh out of this parody of our own COVID-19 pandemic!


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